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Commercial AV

Transform Your Business’s AV Landscape with Exceptional Audio and Video Excellence

Revolutionize your business environment with Wired In’s unparalleled commercial audio and video solutions. Whether you’re embarking on a conference room revolution, embracing a new office era, or amplifying your current setup, our curated selection promises an unmatched sensory voyage.

Our connoisseurs have meticulously curated premier products from industry leaders, ensuring a symphony of excellence and dependable outcomes. Dive into an expansive array encompassing projectors, paging symphonies, speakers, and beyond – meticulously tailored to your business’s essence. Welcome to AV ingenuity, welcome to Wired In.


Paging Systems

Elevate communication to new heights with Wired In's Dynamic CommPulse paging systems. Crafted for seamless integration within diverse commercial and industrial landscapes, our innovative solutions redefine efficient communication. Explore a diverse palette of offerings, from resonant horn speakers to potent PA amplifiers and steadfast emergency alert systems, tailored meticulously to your distinct requisites. Renowned for unmatched clarity and unwavering durability, Wired In's paging systems transcend convention, flourishing in educational institutions, healthcare sanctuaries, bustling manufacturing enclaves, and beyond. Unleash the power to effortlessly orchestrate announcements, deliver critical emergency notifications, and serenade surroundings with mellifluous background melodies.


Immerse your business in a world of visual excellence with Wired In's exceptional collection of projectors. Unveil the extraordinary in every presentation, from boardroom strategizing to global symposiums, with our meticulously curated range of projectors tailored to your diverse needs. Whether you seek the commanding presence of a high-definition behemoth or the nimble versatility of a portable companion, our projectors redefine the way you share your vision. Harnessing the forefront of innovation, our projectors cast a luminous spell, illuminating your concepts with brilliance and vivacity. Explore the fusion of technology and artistry, as our projectors become the brushstrokes to your imagination's canvas.

Background Music

Elevate environments with Wired In Tech Services' avant-garde background music marvels. Orchestrating auditory realms for businesses and public spaces, we orchestrate an unparalleled symphony of ambiance. Envision a bespoke auditory tapestry, meticulously woven to resonate with your distinct ethos. Our sonic artisans craft immersive atmospheres, bridging the gap between a business's heartbeat and its auditory pulse. Fusing seamless integration and acoustic finesse, we compose the crescendo that enriches patron and personnel encounters.

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