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15 Things You Can Do Right Now To Discourage Potential Burglars

Woman photographing results of a home burglary.

Home burglaries are a frightening reality for millions of Americans each year, and the damage burglary does – both physical and psychological – can linger long after the incident is over. The most effective defense against potential intruders is prevention; if you understand what burglars look for in a target, you can take steps to make your property unattractive to them. From installing security systems to keeping valuables out of sight, here are some straightforward things you can do right now to discourage potential burglars:

1.  Install a Home Alarm System

Installing a home alarm system is an excellent way to deter burglars. Many modern systems now offer extra features such as motion detectors and cameras that can alert you if someone enters the property. Additionally, most security companies will also provide signs or stickers for your windows and doors, which serve as a visible warning to any would-be intruders that your house is protected. These signs can easily be affixed to the property’s exterior and act as an additional deterrent for anyone thinking about breaking in.

2.  Lock Your Doors and Windows

It may sound simple, but one of the most effective ways to discourage burglars is to ensure all your doors and windows are locked when you’re not home. Make sure you double-check before leaving your house so that potential thieves can’t just walk right in. Additionally, if you have any outbuildings, such as sheds or garages, make sure they are securely locked and that any valuable items are kept inside.

3.  Light Up Your Home at Night

Installing motion-activated spotlights outside your home is a great way to deter burglars. The lights will switch on if someone approaches the property, making it much harder for them to move around undetected. Additionally, ensure you keep your interior well lit at night, as this can help prevent an intruder from entering unnoticed.

This is especially true if you have large windows that may be more difficult to notice in the dark. For example, if a burglar were to try and enter the property through a window, having the lights on or a lamp illuminated nearby would make it much harder for them to do so undetected.

4.  Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Make sure you keep any valuable items out of sight from potential burglars. This means not leaving expensive items such as laptops or jewelry on display in your living room or bedroom. If possible, store them in a secure location such as a safe or a hidden closet. Additionally, if you have expensive outdoor furniture or sports equipment, make sure to cover it up when not in use so that it is less visible to anyone passing by the property.

5.  Internal Timer-Operated Lighting

If you are going away for an extended period of time, it can be a good idea to install timers on some lights or the TV so that it looks like someone is home. This can help deter potential burglars who might otherwise think the house is empty and, therefore, easy to break into. Setting up these timers is relatively simple and can provide peace of mind that your home will be safe while you’re away.

6.  Door and Window Sensors

Installing sensors on your doors and windows is another great way to discourage potential burglars. These sensors will alert you if one of the entry points has been opened, allowing you to investigate or call the authorities if needed. Additionally, many home automation systems can also be integrated with these sensors, allowing you to control them remotely via a smartphone or laptop.

7.  Keep Bushes and Trees Trimmed

Keeping your bushes and trees trimmed back can also help discourage burglars from attempting to access your property. Overgrown vegetation near windows or doors provides cover for anyone trying to get into your house, so making sure these are well-maintained can help keep them away. Make sure to consult your local laws and regulations regarding the trimming of trees and bushes before attempting to do so yourself.

8.  CCTV Surveillance System

Installing a CCTV system can also be an effective way to discourage burglars from targeting your property. The cameras will provide you with footage of anyone who may try approaching the house, giving you a chance to take action if necessary. Additionally, having visible cameras around your home can act as a deterrent for potential intruders. Make sure to consult with a professional installer to ensure that your CCTV system is set up correctly.

9.  Get Your Neighbors Involved

Neighbors can be a valuable resource when it comes to preventing burglaries. Having people nearby who are aware of any suspicious activity around your property can make it much harder for someone to break-in unnoticed. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye out for anything suspicious and report any activities that seem out of place. Additionally, if you have a home security system, make sure to notify your neighbors so they can also be aware and take extra precautions if needed.

10.      Stay Smart on Social Media

In this day and age, it’s important to stay smart on social media. Be aware of what you post online, as potential burglars could use this information to target your property. Avoid posting pictures or talking about vacations or trips away from home, as these can be an easy way for someone to know when the house is empty. Additionally, make sure not to post any photos that may give away the layout of your home or show expensive items inside.

11.      Smart Locks

Smart locks are a great way to add an extra layer of security to your home. These locks allow you to control access to your property remotely, giving you the ability to lock or unlock doors without needing to be physically present. Additionally, many smart locks come with features such as biometric authentication and automated code generators, making it much harder for potential intruders to gain access.

12.      Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are also a great way to keep an eye on who is coming and going from your property. These cameras can capture footage of anyone approaching your door, allowing you to identify them or call the authorities if necessary. Additionally, some cameras come with motion sensors which can alert you if someone is loitering outside your house for too long.

13.      Professional Monitoring

If you’re concerned about the security of your property, it is worth looking into professional monitoring services. These services will provide you with 24-hour surveillance and alert authorities in case of an emergency. Additionally, many companies offer systems that can be integrated with CCTV cameras and other home automation devices, allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are.

14.      Get A Guard Dog

Adding a guard dog to your home can effectively discourage potential burglars from targeting your property. A well-trained dog will bark at any potential intruders, making it much harder for someone to access your house. If you don’t want the hassle of training a guard dog, there are also companies that offer professional services for this purpose.

15.      Secure Outdoor Storage

If you have outdoor storage, such as a shed or garage, make sure these are securely locked at all times. Burglars will often target these locations first in order to gain access to tools or other items that could help them break into the house. Installing heavy-duty locks and security systems on these structures can help deter any potential intruders.

Wrapping Up

By following these simple tips, you can help discourage potential burglars from targeting your property and keep your possessions safe. Taking proactive steps towards protecting yourself and your family can make all the difference in preventing a burglary from happening in the first place. Remember: security is key!

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